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Our Journey

LISUG, the Long Island Systems User Group, established in 1984, began as the Long Island Systems User Group. With a blend of IBM's support and the enthusiasm of System/38 users, LISUG evolved into one of the nation's most technical and largest user groups. Embracing change, LISUG expanded its scope with IBM's AS/400 announcement, transforming into an all-encompassing platform for computer users from diverse fields.

Our Mission

Dedicated to advancing technological knowledge, LISUG is more than just a user group - it's a vibrant community where learning, networking, and innovation converge. We cater to all computer users, across all platforms, fostering an environment of continuous growth and knowledge sharing.

Our Meetings

Hosted at Rosemarie's Pizzeria & Restaurant in Farmingdale, NY, our monthly dinner meetings are the heart of LISUG. They run from September through May, with a break in June, July and August, offering an opportunity for members to network, learn, and engage with industry leaders. These meetings feature an hour of networking over hors d'oeuvres and drinks, a sit-down dinner with insightful Q&A sessions, and presentations from some of the industry's foremost experts

Membership Benefits

Joining LISUG comes with significant benefits. Members enjoy discounted meeting rates, saving substantially over the course of a year. As a member of COMMON, the national IBM user group, LISUG provides additional savings on COMMON registration fees, benefiting both individual careers and organizations.

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