We've got a plan
that's perfect for you

Annual Membership

$100 / Year

Best suited for individuals looking for continuous learning and networking opportunities.

Year-Long Membership: Pay an annual fee to become a member.

Reduced Meeting Rates: Enjoy a special member rate of $85 for each general meeting, ensuring cost-effective participation throughout the year.

Horizons: Members enjoy a discounted rate for attending Horizons, with specifics yet to be determined.

Exclusive Member Benefits: Access a network of professionals, special sessions, and discounts available only to members.

Member Pass

$85 / Meeting

Ideal for members who value the flexibility of attending meetings at a reduced cost.

Single Meeting Access: Each meeting is accessible at a reduced rate, allowing you to manage your participation cost-effectively.

Horizons: Enjoy the privilege of discounted rates for this highlight event, exclusive to members, enhancing your annual savings.

Exclusive Access: Experience the advantage of member-only rates for every meeting, unlocking value beyond the cost of attendance.

Non-Member Pass

$105 / Meeting

Ideal for individuals exploring LISUG meetings with no membership commitment.

Single Meeting Access: Pay per meeting with no commitment to join as a member.

Horizons: Subject to a separate charge, non-members pay the full price for Horizons.

Exclusive Access: Attend any regular meeting without access to member benefits or discounts.

Prepaid Full Access


$910 / Year

Optimal for members seeking the most comprehensive access to LISUG events, including Horizons.

All-Inclusive Package: One-time payment covers all general meetings and Horizons for the entire year.

Unparalleled Value: Enjoy full access to a year’s worth of networking and learning without any additional charges.

Exclusive Perks: Prepaid members receive special benefits, priority access, and additional discounts not available with other memberships.